October 16, 2023

When matter and information merge into “Quantum”


The industrial forum gathered many representatives from spinoff companies actively engaged in the development of quantum hardware: Quantum Machines, Qilimanjaro, QBlox BV, Zurich Instruments, Pasqal, C12, Kiutra and Quandela. Their equipment is enabling the scientific community to explore the potential of new materials and applications for quantum technologies, as illustrated by other participating spinoff companies such as Multiverse Computing. Two round tables have brought into the discussion the big challenges that the industry is facing to bring quantum technologies to the next level. Topics such as best practices, practical experiences, standardisation, talent search and benchmarking were discussed together with representatives from spinoff companies and big corporations such as Orange, BlueSpecs and Mahou-San Miguel, Qureca (startup about quantum resources and career) and Quside (quantum random number generation). The dominant presence of European companies and startups, together with the participation of a representative from the European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC)12, sent the clear message that Europe is betting on the development of quantum technologies and its industry ecosystem is flourishing. All participants stressed out that collaboration between industry and academia is crucial, as well as the need to forge alliances between companies worldwide. Developing quantum technologies is a big technological challenge that must be addressed in collaboration.

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