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Our collaborative approach with customers drives the development of Singularity, our purpose-built software platform, integrates seamlessly into industrial value chains and addresses production challenges effectively.

Singularity features diverse high and low-level APIs for a flexible, user-friendly experience. Its core harnesses sophisticated proprietary algorithms, combining quantum and quantum-inspired computing to effectively address complex AI and optimization challenges with precision.

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Production Ready

Enjoy tailored interfaces for user-friendliness and flexible deployment choices, from on-premises to customer VPC integration.


Powerful Core Technology

Leverage specialized algorithms for interpretable Machine Learning, deep learning, and optimization, including quantum-powered proprietary routines that outperform commercial models.



Experience demonstrated effectiveness across diverse real use-cases, while diving deeper into sections like "Users," "AI," and "Green Impact" for additional insights.

Addressing Critical Challenges with Singularity

Faster, Cheaper, More Efficient AI

Revolutionizing Deep Learning Costs with Tensor Networks

The landscape of deep learning is undergoing a seismic shift, marked by escalating computational costs. Recent rounds of training for Large Language Models (LLMs) reached staggering costs of $100M, with this expense doubling every 10 months. Projections point to the necessity of a technological paradigm shift to continue adequately training AI models, contingent upon having sufficient training data.

Empowering Accelerated Training with Tensorized AI

Singularity leverages Tensor Networks to revolutionize this scenario. Our tensorized models showcase accelerated training, decreased data requirements, and reduced power consumption. Achieving accelerations exceeding 1000x, this innovation disrupts high-power applications such as machine vision and Large Language Models. It's a game-changer for technologies at the edge, rendering tensorized AI indispensable for autonomous vehicles. Notably, Multiverse is recognized as one of the top 100 most promising AI companies globally in 2023 by CB Insights.

Interpretable ML

Unveiling Clarity: Addressing AI's Opacity Challenge

A pervasive challenge in the AI landscape is the opacity of many machine learning (ML) models. Often, these models function as enigmatic black boxes, lacking industrial relevance in numerous contexts. Singularity steps in to provide clarity by addressing crucial questions: What is the confidence level in our predictions? What underpins a particular decision? How does a change in circumstances impact predictions?

Empowering Transparency in Mission-Critical Applications

The significance of these answers cannot be overstated, particularly in mission-critical applications where transparency is essential. Singularity's commitment to interpretable ML empowers industries to leverage AI with confidence.

Faster, More Accurate Optimization

Navigating Complex Optimization Challenges

Optimization quandaries underscore the heart of various sectors, yet solving them often proves elusive. These challenges translate into inefficiencies across industrial and financial operations. The predicament is especially poignant in the realm of Green Energy, where a transition hinges on more precise and swifter optimization solutions for electrical distribution.

Revolutionizing Optimization with Concealed Data Structures

Singularity takes a revolutionary approach, harnessing concealed data structures to converge quicker than prevailing algorithms. This disruptive potential has far-reaching implications, especially in time-sensitive optimization problems involving numerous variables.

Under the hood

Gear coming out of a box

Quantum Methods

In-House Quantum Algorithms

Multiverse develops proprietary algorithms that utilize current quantum platforms, particularly for complex optimization tasks and interpretable machine learning.

Hardware-Agnostic Approach

Recognizing the diversity of quantum hardware platforms (superconducting, photonic, neutral atoms, ion traps, etc.), Multiverse remains hardware-agnostic. Major quantum hardware manufacturers have partnered with Multiverse.

Strategic Deployment of Quantum Solutions

While long-term quantum computing power is promising, its immediate application is limited. Multiverse emphasizes the importance of strategically deploying quantum solutions for tangible economic value, avoiding purely exploratory applications.

Expertise in Quantum Solution Deployment

Multiverse possesses the expertise to guide the deployment of quantum solutions effectively, ensuring they outperform current alternatives and offer real value to customers.

Quantum-Inspired Methods Tensor Networks

Classical Quantum-Inspired Approaches

Quantum-inspired methods, such as Tensor Networks, are employed on non-quantum computers (FPGAs, laptops, Supercomputers). These methods are designed based on insights from how quantum computers manipulate information.

Diverse Quantum-Inspired Approaches

Various families of quantum-inspired computing exist, including Tensor Networks, Digital Annealing, Parallel Tempering, Population Annealing, and Quantum-Inspired Monte Carlo.

Power of Tensor Networks

Multiverse employs Tensor Networks as the most powerful, rapid, and challenging-to-implement quantum-inspired approach. Not to be confused with Tensor Flow, Tensor Networks are renowned as the world's fastest classical algorithms.

Role in Quantum Supremacy Validation

Tensor Networks serve as a benchmark for assessing quantum supremacy. They are pivotal in determining if a quantum computer has achieved superior computational capabilities over classical computers.

Accelerating AI and Optimization

Multiverse leverages Tensor Networks to significantly accelerate AI and optimization tasks, achieving more than a 1000-fold speedup.

Versatile Deployment

Tensor Networks excel in scenarios without cloud connectivity, such as factories, satellites, and defense battlefields.

CSO Expertise

Multiverse's Chief Science Officer (CSO) is a founding figure in the realm of Tensor Networks. Mastery in these methods is rare, and Multiverse is well-equipped to provide both success stories and lessons from challenges encountered in this field.