We harness the best of all worlds

What is Singularity?

Singularity is a software as a service platform that contains quantum and quantum-inspired algorithms developed and patented through proof-of-concept trials we have been performing for industrial and service clients.

Explore Singularity on the following video that shows how a user can optimize a investment portfolio by connecting Singularity plug-in to his excel spreadsheet.

We only work with real complex problems

Proprietary quantum and quantum-inspired algorithms to solve the hardest problems in industry. We implement them as SaaS in our SDK/Toolbox.

The most powerful combination of tech

The SDK is deployed inside the perimeter of the financial institution.

Quantum for the masses with an ease of use

The latest developments in quantum and quantum-inspired computing, at your fingertips.

Singularity Tech


Superconducting, photonic, neutral atoms, ion traps... we are hardware agnostic

Quantum Inspired

Tensor Networks, Digital Annealing, Quantum-Inspired Optimization... we are renown world experts.

While Singularity owes its performance to advanced quantum techniques, its interface is intuitive and requires no specialized quantum computing knowledge. It is Quantum for the masses with an ease of use: it gets the data from the customer to pre-process it and determine the best algorithm and quantum computer to use, sends the data to the quantum computer to deploy our patented algorithms and manages the queues to retrieve the results and send them back to the customer.


What type of challenges does Singularity solve?

Singularity provides solutions to specific problems, extracting value of quantum today.

Optimization: electrical markets, mechanical design, logistics, finance, etc.

Machine Learning: smart manufacturing, predictive maintenance, artificial vision, derivative pricing…

Stochastic: structure design, finance, any Monte Carlo methods...

System Simulation: chemistry, materials, finance, climate, etc.

This group of challenges happen across all verticals





Health & Life sciences