August 04, 2021

SINGULARITY by MULTIVERSE COMPUTING: how to use a Quantum Computer directly from your Spreadsheet, without being a Quantum Engineer


Multiverse Computing releases Singularity spreadsheet app for quantum investment optimization.

Multiverse Computing’s vision is to make powerful quantum computing algorithms easy and accesible to everyone. The team has connected quantum computers to a simple and intuitive Excel frontend, via its toolbox Singularity.

Multiverse has already shown quantum computing could bring value to financial institutions today. This new development now makes it easy to integrate these quantum products directly into the production line, with no change to users’ process.

As a first demonstration, Multiverse has given its clients access to its portfolio optimization toolbox. Quantitative analysts can now optimize investments on a quantum computer — D-Wave’s quantum annealer — directly from an Excel spreadsheet.

Enrique Lizaso, CEO of Multiverse, said: “This is a cornerstone in the way of using the power of Quantum Computing in Finance. No prior knowledge or familiarity with Quantum Mechanics or Quantum Computing is needed. Just open your spreadsheet and use directly the financial formulas you need, executed in a quantum computer, to solve problems that were previously out of reach”.

Quantum computing is now as easy as just one click in your laptop. Singularity is quantum powerful and as easy as pie!