February 03, 2022

Quantum Tech 2022: A Stampede Of Unicorns Is Headed For Your Industry


Technologies based on the fundamental properties of quantum mechanics will revolutionize industries, changing business models forever. The European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC) is developing its Quantum Strategic Industry Roadmap, which nets out the promises of quantum computing, quantum communications, quantum sensing, and enabling technologies, spotlighting which industries could benefit most.

“Industries are central to our number one objective to establish a thriving commercial quantum ecosystem,” said Laure Le Bars, research project director at SAP. “To realize that mission, we need to understand the potential for business and citizen value by industry, identifying the opportunities and how our members and their communities can take advantage as the market evolves.”


Making quantum computing easy for anyone

Already Multiverse Computing has begun delivering a “quantum and quantum inspired toolbox” with an intuitive front end to the desktops of financial professionals who use it to optimize investments – no advanced physics degree required. While the company specializes in innovations for finance, there’s strong potential for quantum computing in many sectors.

“The quantum computer revolution will arrive much sooner than expected,” said Enrique Lizaso, CEO at Multiverse Computing. “That doesn’t mean quantum supremacy; it only means companies gain speed, efficiencies, and cost-savings from far better solutions. We are starting to deploy quantum solutions for banks, and have projects in smart manufacturing with leading European companies in logistics and clean energy.”

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