October 24, 2023

Quantum leap: France’s plan to win the future of computing


IQM wanted to connect with French customers in the aviation, space and cybersecurity sectors to further develop its technology, as well as tap into France’s quantum talent pool. The company also signed a deal to provide its technology to Atos.

More recently, France signed an agreement with US officials to collaborate on quantum research and exchange scientific resources. Earlier this year, France’s CNRS established the Canada-France Quantum Alliance (CAFQA), which will coordinate research between eight French and eight Canadian universities. That partnership got a boost when PASQAL said it would open a factory in Canada to produce its quantum processing devices.

Vinet of Quobly says that, ultimately, such international cooperation will be key for France to realise its own quantum ambitions.

“I believe that no one country is able to do it by itself,” Vinet says. “There is an opportunity to analyse the strength of each country and to build on those strengths and accept that you need the help of other countries when the questions you are tackling are so complex. This allows us to build on our very demanding engineering mindset and leverages our deep scientific roots. I believe that we've got everything to be the position of technological leadership.”

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