October 25, 2021

Quantum computing-as-a-service-startup Multiverse Computing raises €10 million


Spanish quantum computing startup Multiverse (not to be confused with the hypothetical group of multiple universes) Computing has raised €10 million in seed funding. The company utlises quantum computing solutions and specialises in offering these options to financial industry clients. The funding is slated to further propel the company’s growth in all facets. To date, the San Sebastian-based firm has raised €11.5 million.

As the time-honoured expression goes, “time is money,” and as there’s nothing that says fast faster than a quantum computer, it’s a fair statement to make that Multiverse Computing’s offer to financial industry players is pretty hefty. Their Singularity product (not to be confused with THE singularity) offers clients the ability to run highly complex algorithms that can optimise a portfolio or detect fraud on blazingly fast computers all from a simple spreadsheet input. In other words, Multiverse Computing is giving financial professionals a no-code set of keys access to the worlds most powerful computational devices. What could possibly go wrong?

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