April 17, 2023

Quantum Algorithms in Multiverse Computing's 'Singularity' Software


Singularity is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that contains quantum-inspired and quantum algorithms developed and patented through proof-of-concept trials performed by the company for their services and industrial clients. These patented quantum and quantum-inspired algorithms can solve the most difficult industrial problems and are implemented as SaaS in the Singularity software development kit (SDK).

Although advanced quantum techniques drive the performance of the Singularity SDK, professionals lacking specialized quantum computing expertise or knowledge can use the platform with ease due to its intuitive and simple plug-ins and front-ends for the common personal computer (PC)-based applications. For instance, users can optimize an investment portfolio by simply connecting the Singularity plug-in to their Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Initially, the platform pre-processes the data collected from the user and determines the optimal quantum computer and algorithm to deliver immediate business value. Subsequently, the platform sends the data to the quantum computer to deploy the proprietary algorithms of Multiverse Computing. Finally, the queues are managed by Singularity to retrieve and send the results back to the user.

About Multiverse Computing

Multiverse Computing is a leading value-based quantum computing solution provider in the world. The deep tech company based in Spain develops quantum software to solve complex practical problems. Founded in 2019 by leading finance and quantum computing experts, the company's expertise in quantum-inspired and quantum algorithms enables it to realize the best results from the current quantum devices and classical high-performance computers.

The company's vision is to make powerful quantum computing algorithms accessible to everyone. Multiverse Computing has created solutions for companies in cyber-attack detection, logistics, space communication, energy, advanced manufacturing verticals, life sciences, mobility, and finance verticals. The company currently has fully-owned subsidiaries in Munich, Paris, and Toronto.

Solving Complex Real-World Challenges Using Singularity

Singularity can provide solutions to optimization, stochastic, system simulation, and machine learning (ML) challenges across several verticals, including chemistry, defense, cybersecurity, aerospace, engineering, health and life sciences, mobility, manufacturing, and energy. The toolkit can be effectively used to explore quantum and quantum-inspired solutions to typical analytical problems in the financial industry.

For instance, Multiverse Computing has introduced a quantum-based Fair Price solution for investment portfolios. This new addition to the Singularity platform that runs on IonQ quantum hardware with PC software tools can deliver higher accuracy in fair price calculations for financial institutions compared to the existing classical computing methods.

Financial institutions calculate the theoretical value of companies using Monte Carlo simulations on classical computers to determine the fair price of a stock to reduce risks. The institutions typically run these simulations on supercomputers that require 24 hours or more to complete, as extremely high accuracy is required to minimize losses.

The Singularity Fair Price solution can reduce the error rates by 43% compared to a classical computer using IonQ’s trapped ion quantum computers with common PC-based software tools without increasing the runtime or number of runs, allowing financial institutions to achieve a more accurate valuation quickly.

Recently, Multiverse Computing released a new Singularity SDK version (v 1.2) for portfolio optimization using quantum computing. The Microsoft Excel plug-in of this platform delivers similar results as industry-standard solutions for large problems in a shorter duration.

Currently, the Singularity Portfolio Optimization Excel plug-in offers three solvers, including the Multiverse Hybrid for best results, the D-Wave Leap Hybrid, and a classical solver for advanced users for benchmarking purposes.

The highly efficient Multiverse Hybrid Solver combines the strength of quantum and classical computing and can effectively address portfolio optimization problems. Specifically, the Hybrid Solver can optimize large portfolios with thousands of assets by finding the portfolio that can deliver the highest returns and produce the same results as industry-standard solvers within a considerably shorter duration.

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