May 04, 2023

Multiverse Computing's Recap


This figure represents a strong ramp up from 2022, when Multiverse achieved € 2.9 million in the full year, and put the company at par with the revenues from the largest hardware companies.

According to its CEO Enrique Lizaso Olmos, revenues for the full 2023 will surpass the € 10 million mark.

Another relevant metric are the sales of its flagship product Singularity, that at the end of this first quarter has nearly fulfill the goal for the whole 2023.

Total filed patents on Q1 reaches 41 (78 to be filed at the end of 2023), and scientific papers to 14 (goal of 25 for this year).

Multiverse Computing has added a new UK office this first quarter, to the previous ones in Toronto, Paris, Munich and San Sebastian (Spain).

Multiverse Computing is a quantum computing startup specialized in Quantum algorithms, Quantum Machine Learning and Quantum Inspired that offers its clients real solutions; a true “quantum economic advantage”.

This company is the most relevant quantum computing software company in Europe and Top 5 in the world.

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