August 09, 2021

Multiverse Computing Releases their Singularity SDK to Enable Inputting QC Problems from an Excel Spreadsheet


A few months ago we published an article titled Quantum Software for Those Who Don’t Want to Learn Quantum. We now have to add Multiverse Computing to the list of companies pursuing this approach. Multiverse has introduced their Singularity program that allow one to create a problem though an intuitive Excel front end and then submit it for solution to a quantum computer. Currently the program works with portfolio optimization problems that a user can create by inputting various parameters into a spreadsheet and then the program will automatically develop a quantum program from this data for solution on a D-Wave quantum annealer. The resulting program will take advantage of the powerful quantum optimization algorithms that Multiverse has been developing for several years. It will allow an end user to take advantage of quantum computing without any prior knowledge of quantum mechanics or quantum computing programming.

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