October 25, 2021

Multiverse Computing Raises Over $11.5 Million to Bring Quantum Computing to the Finance World


Multiverse Computing is a quantum computing startup that has created a quantum computer built specifically to handle high-level financial algorithms. The company recently closed its Seed funding round to rapidly scale up its business and improve the current technology used in its product.

Quantum computing startup Multiverse has developed and launched its own quantum computer named Singularity. The company has leveraged its quantum calculation speeds and technology for business in the financial industry to create a fully capable product for large-scale financial institutions.

When Singularity is presented with a financial problem or long-term projection, the algorithm calculates the best possible quantum structure to solve the problem. The quantum computing startup has designed the computer so that it’s capable of handling everything from building a spreadsheet to optimizing investment strategies over fixed year periods. It even detects fraud from account monitoring.

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