November 15, 2021

Multiverse Computing Partners with IonQ to Unlock the Power of Quantum Computing for Global Financial Companies


Multiverse Computing today announced a partnership with IonQ, the leader in trapped-ion quantum computing, which will enable financial services organizations to model risk more accurately and quickly than ever before using the IonQ Quantum Cloud platform within Singularity®, Multiverse’s financial solution.

The partnership combines IonQ, offering the world’s most advanced quantum hardware architecture, with the simplicity and ease-of-use that Multiverse Computing customers have come to rely upon for complex financial modeling. Using this integrated system, financial institutions can model real-life financial problems such as Fair Price calculations, portfolio creation and optimization, ETF replication, risk valuation, and many other simulations with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Singularity already allows analysts and other users to model problems directly within spreadsheets and other familiar tools. With the new integration, financial institutions can now take advantage of IonQ’s industry-leading hardware without ever writing a line of code — allowing them to leverage the power of quantum computing in everyday financial simulations.

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