March 21, 2022

Multiverse Computing Joins Prestigious McKinsey Quantum Technology Council


TORONTO and SAN SEBASTIÁN, SPAIN – [March 10], 2022 – Multiverse Computing today announced that CTO Sam Mugel, Ph.D., has been appointed to the prestigious McKinsey Quantum Technology Council, a group of experts convened by the global management consulting firm to track and assess emerging trends in business and technology in the quantum industry.

“Being part of the council is an honor for Multiverse, as it means McKinsey will call upon us and others for our expertise when preparing its analysis and projections for the future of quantum in business,” said Mugel. “We will help the firm identify emerging opportunities for companies to leverage the technology, especially highlighting the potentially game-changing impacts quantum will have on the financial sector.”

An added advantage of Multiverse Computing’s Council membership is a significant increase in the number of interactions the company will enjoy with major corporations within McKinsey’s ecosystem of partners and customers. Engaging with these stakeholders may reveal additional synergies for all parties.

Dr. Mugel was among several parties who contributed to McKinsey’s recent report on emerging quantum computing ecosystems and ecosystems. Other contributors included representatives from quantum scale-ups such as Zapata Computing, D-Wave, PsiQuantum and Rigetti, corporations such as IBM, Amazon, Google and Microsoft, as well as ecosystem catalyst QED-C.

The council meets regularly to outline a medium-term vision of trends in the quantum industry, hear from other invited experts in the field, and share ideas and solutions around issues in the space such as talent development and retention.