January 25, 2022

Michel Kurek joins quantum computing startup Multiverse Computing as General Manager for France


PARIS — (January 25, 2022)Multiverse Computing, a leading Spanish startup in quantum computing for finance, today announced the appointment of Michel Kurek as CEO of its French subsidiary headquartered in Paris.

After a 25-year career in the investment banks of the Crédit Agricole and Societe Generale groups, where he was most recently global head of algorithmic trading for the bank’s institutional clients, Kurek is passionate about the field of quantum computing, which he anticipates will have major repercussions on society and the economy.

“The unique power of quantum computers will provide answers to the great societal challenges that confront us in sectors such as energy, health and safety,” said Kurek. “My mission is to help French companies, regardless of their size, benefit from these advances.”

“Freed from the computational constraints of today’s NISQ-era quantum computers, the so-called ‘quantum-inspired’ algorithms built on the unparalleled expertise of Multiverse Computing’s teams will enable an immediate return on investment in sectors such as finance and energy,” he added.

In 2019, Kurek founded his own consulting company and carried out various missions in the field of quantum and enabling technologies on behalf of startups, Blue Ship companies, and public and private investment funds.

Kurek is the author of a recent study titled Patents, Publications and Investments in Quantum Technologies regarding the emerging quantum ecosystem. He has also written an acclaimed state-of-the-art report on quantum technologies that illustrates his in-depth knowledge of the physical, mathematical principles and ecosystem of quantum technologies.

“France has recognized skills in the field of quantum technologies and is implementing a framework to make the country a global industry player, allowing it to keep pace with the U.S. and China,” said Enrique Lizaso-Olmos, CEO and co-founder of Multiverse. “Kurek’s goals and that of the Multiverse team are perfectly aligned with the objectives of the French National Quantum Plan.”

“We are very grateful to the French government agency Choose Paris Region for its active support in opening our branch in France,” said Lizaso-Olmos.

The Paris-based Multiverse team creates a link between the various international entities of the company and the French ecosystem of quantum computing.

Michel Kurek holds an engineering degree from the École Nationale Supérieure d’Informatique et de Mathématiques Appliquées in Grenoble, as well as the Specialized Master’s in Financial Techniques from ESSEC and the Executive Master from École Polytechnique (France).

He is a member of the associations Le lab Quantique and QuantX which promote quantum technologies by producing analyses and whitepapers, and by organizing events (webinars, hackathons). Since September 2021, Kurek has also been co-founder and vice president of the Feynman Foundation, a non-profit foundation committed to supporting the development of quantum technologies and their applications with sustainability goals.