August 02, 2023

Iberdrola and Multiverse Computing Tackle Grid Optimization with Quantum Computing


Iberdrola and Multiverse Computing Collaborate on Quantum Computing Project

Spanish utility company Iberdrola has partnered with Gipuzkoan start-up Multiverse Computing to launch a joint quantum computing project. The collaboration is part of the Gipuzkoa Quantum Program of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa. The 10-month project aims to find solutions for complex optimization problems that require evaluating many combinations, such as determining optimal battery locations within the electrical network.

Quantum Computing for Power Grid Optimization

Quantum computing is a promising technology for solving complex optimization problems where a large number of different combinations need to be evaluated. Iberdrola’s distribution arm, i-DE, has chosen an optimization problem that involves selecting the optimal number, characteristics, and locations for batteries installed in the power grid. Power grids must integrate an increasing amount of renewable generation, electric vehicles, and other distributed energy resources, making batteries crucial for providing flexibility to the power system. The selection of optimal battery placement is critical and computationally complex due to the number of variables and possible locations.

Multiverse Computing: A European Quantum Software Programming Company

Multiverse Computing is a Gipuzkoan start-up recognized for its expertise in quantum software programming in Europe. The collaboration between Iberdrola and Multiverse Computing will bring together their cutting-edge experience in their respective areas of expertise for the 10-month project.

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