October 13, 2023

Crédit d’Impôt Recherche (CIR) et Crédit d’Impôt Innovation (CII) Multiverse Computing: Agréé 2023-2025


The French Ministry of Higher Education and Research has approved Multiverse Computing as an organization carrying out R&D activities in the cutting-edge field of quantum computing for private companies. Multiverse Computing is now included in the list of approved private research organizations at www.recherche.gouv.fr.

The French Research Tax Credit (Crédit d’impôt recherche, CIR) is a general measure promoting the R&D efforts, irrespective of the sector or the size of the company, fostering innovation and technological advancements.

Who can benefit from the CIR?

Any industrial, commercial, or agricultural organization subject to corporate tax in France.

Which expenses are eligible?

Primarily, expenditures related to human and material resources allocated to R&D, subcontracted R&D, technological surveillance, patenting, or patent protection.

How to obtain the tax credit?

The CIR is deducted from the tax to be paid; alternatively, it is refunded at the end of the third year. However, for young companies, it is paid out immediately under certain conditions. Companies unable to deduct the tax credit or obtain a refund can seek loans from banks based on their research tax credit.

Computation of the Tax Credit

The CIR is calculated based on the claimed volume of R&D expenditures. It is equal to 30% of R&D expenditures up to EUR 100 million; beyond this threshold, the rate is reduced to 5%. For companies entering the scheme for the first time, the applicable rate is 50% for the first year, and 40% for the second year. Other public support to R&D (subsidies, refundable loans, etc.) must be deducted from the base to compute the credit.

Take advantage of this opportunity to advance your quantum computing R&D projects with Multiverse Computing, a recognized player in driving innovation and tackling complex computational challenges