June 03, 2022

Cool vendors in Quantum Computing 2022 – Multiverse Computing


Multiverse Computing has been named as a Cool Vendor in Quantum Computing, according to Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Quantum Computing analysis (2022).

“Why Cool:

Multiverse Computing is cool because quantum-inspired computing and quantum computing-based solutions offer the potential for significant performance gains. For example, Multiverse Computing reports a 100x performance gain over conventional computers in investment portfolio optimization, as well as machine learning for fraud detection. Multiverse develops quantum computing, simulation and quantum-inspired solutions to tackle the challenging problems in the financial services industry. To accelerate financial services value delivery, multiverse computing has devised Singularity — a quantum, simulation and quantum-inspired tool box for the financial industry. The Singularity tool box plugs into spreadsheet applications that are commonly used in the financial services industry, making it easy for organizations and teams to leverage quantum solutions in their workflows. The Singularity SDK operates on most quantum platforms, enabling organizations to focus on business problems, rather than tuning qubits.

For data security, the Singularity SDK is deployed behind a firewall to ensure that no critical data is exchanged. Like others in the quantum software and services category, Multiverse Computing’s partners with all types of quantum hardware technology (i.e., annealing, superconducting gate, photonic) and system providers. Doing so enables Multiverse to compare and select a quantum hardware platform that is best suited to the problem set. Beyond quantum hardware, multiverse teams specialize in a diverse array of algorithms: tensor networks, digital annealing, quantum-inspired optimization and AI. They also plan to expand into broader verticals, such as the energy and mobility sector.”

Please find the full report by Gartner here