July 05, 2021



The Crédit Agricole Group’s corporate and investment bank is partnering with Pasqal and Multiverse Computing to design and develop new approaches combining traditional and quantum computing to improve algorithms in the fields of capital markets and risk management.

Quantum computing is beginning to show promising opportunities in financial markets and risk management. Crédit Agricole CIB has partnered with two technology companies to introduce quantum computing into everyday financial applications.

The French company Pasqal is developing a quantum computer based on arrays of neutral atoms, a cutting-edge technology envisioned for the manufacture of industrial quantum computers.

For its part, the Spanish company Multiverse Computing specializes in quantum algorithms that can be run on both quantum and classical computers. A great advantage in terms of reducing the implementation time for industrial use.

This is the first time that all stakeholders, software developers, hardware vendors and end-users are working together on this type of issue.

As published in linformaticien.com