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June 20th, 2023

73 Quantum Computing Startups Challenging Industry Leaders


How Many Quantum Computing Startups Are There?

Quantum computing has an active and growing startup scene and is a field that may revolutionize the way we solve complex problems in fields like finance, materials science, cryptography, and drug discovery.

According to our Quantum Intelligence Platform, there are approximately one thousand companies involved in quantum technology either directly or across one segment of the supply chain. These can range from companies offering full-stack solutions, hardware products, software specialists to even suppliers of cables, cryogenic units and advisory services.

As it is difficult to mention every company we have data on involved in quantum technology globally, we will shortly mention seventy-two companies that stand out (that are not large corporations) which began life as “startups” and are challenging industry leaders.

However, before we get into it, a little bit about what quantum computing is will help the narrative.

What is Quantum Computing?

The use of quantum computing is expected to provide different solutions to computational challenges in the healthcare, cybersecurity and financial sectors. Unfortunately, quantum computing’s capabilities and differences from classical computers are still — in the main — poorly understood.

With quantum computers, tasks like artificial intelligence, machine learning (ML) and cryptography that conventional computers are unable or find hard to handle can be accomplished using specialized hardware and software.

They are able to do this because quantum computers exploit quantum mechanical phenomena by using specialized hardware to leverage the particle and wave properties of physical matter at small scales.

With this, quantum computing companies are developing technologies to make this cutting-edge technology more accessible and useful. What The Quantum Insider can tell you is that quantum computing is booming with new innovations — both in industry and in research — being created every day.

So, let’s take a look at the rise in quantum computing startups over the last decade or so.

Just as a reminder, the list has been organized in alphabetical order and is non-exhaustive. If you would like an exhaustive, structured and filterable database with full company and technical details, seehere.

73 Quantum Computing Startups



Multiverse Computing is a quantum computing software company that provides solutions for more than ten verticals, including finance, manufacturing and aerospace. Its team possesses expertise in portfolio optimization problems, risk analysis and market simulation.

Have a look at the full article and Startup list from The Quantum Insider here.