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August 14th, 2023

7 ways that quantum computing is making an impact in the real world

The number of VC-funded quantum startups in Europe is growing fast, with many making bold claims that their technology could one day revolutionise the world economy. Yet it's still difficult to answer one fundamental thing: what can quantum computers actually do? For now, the quantum computing industry remains in what's known as the NISQ era — Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum — in which error rates and the limited size of quantum processors significantly limit the power of quantum computers. A fully fledged quantum computer, which would be able to solve complex calculations unmanageable for today’s supercomputers, is still years away.


But the biggest industries — think finance or pharmaceuticals — are waiting for a large-scale, fault-tolerant quantum computer to be unveiled to find out what use they could make of it. In partnership with quantum companies, many are already identifying use cases that could benefit from quantum computing and developing the algorithms to enable them.

We’ve collected the most promising so far.

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